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Got a situation? In a pickle? Faced with a conundrum that their customer service just can't decipher? Post your problem and we'll contact you with the answer. Doesn't matter where you bought your gear, who you've talked to before, or if you're even our customer.

We're here to solve the world's problems, one living room at a time.

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Say goodbye to the fine print, bogus fees, and hidden charges that make your mobile payment feel like a ransom demand.
*Not yet available in all areas. Some restrictions may apply
December 21, 2011
San Clemente, CA

Elevate Grows Sales in Q2 
Elevate, Inc. (OTCBB: ELEV), today announced preliminary Q2 figures that reflect a 480% increase in sales over the previous quarter.
July 22, 2014
La Jolla, CA

OneRoof Energy and Elevate partner to make solar a "digital service"

OneRoof Energy, Inc., a provider of comprehensive solar energy services, today announced the inclusion of its rooftop solar services and financing to Elevate's integrated digital services offering.
Elevate your home with solar
*Promotional savings not to exceed $2,000. Valid October 1 - October 31. Valid exclusively with PPA in CA only. Twelve months of free solar shall be mailed to homeowner at interconnection in the form of a monthly check from OneRoof Energy. Total promotional payment is the sum of 12 months worth of solar PPA payments, not to exceed $2000. Restrictions may apply.